PT. Prioritas Land Indonesia, Meraih Penghargaan

Your Precious Living Investment

DGR Double Great Residence

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PT. Prioritas Land Indonesia, Meraih Penghargaan

Your Precious Living Investment

MPS Majestic Point Serpong Apartment

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PT. Prioritas Land Indonesia, Meraih Penghargaan

Your Precious Living Investment

MWV Majestic Water Village

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Some Words About Us

Prioritas Land Indonesia adalah perusahan pengembang property yang energik dan berwawasan ke depan. Didirikan tahun 2011, kami fokus untuk memberikan keuntungan investasi maksimal kepada investor dan customer kami melalui pengembangan proyek-proyek yang unik dan menguntungkan.

Moto perusahaan kami adalah "Building Harmony" dan kami berjuang untuk menanamkan kebudayaan ini ke dalam seluruh aspek bisnis kami. Building Harmony artinya dalam setiap project kami, kami berusaha keras menjaga hubungan yang harmonis dengan partner kami, investor, customer, kontraktor, supplier dan masyarakat.

Untuk partner kami, kami berterima kasih atas kepercayaan anda dan kami berjuang untuk selalu menciptakan karya-karya dengan konsep yang unik dan istimewa di setiap project kami. Kami memiliki tim yang kuat dengan semangat muda, kreatif dan energik dan kami tidak akan menyerah sebelum kami menemukan konsep yang unik yang membedakan project kami dari yang lain.

Untuk investor kami, kami tahu bahwa prioritas anda adalah memaksimalkan investasi yang telah anda percayakan kepada kami. Dengan struktur perencanaan harga kami yang unik dan strategi-strategi launching kami, investasi anda akan naik berlipat ganda!

Untuk customer kami, kami mengerti kebutuhan anda, apakah itu dalam bentuk project gedung apartement, villa mewah, perumahan ataupun area komersial, kami tahu bahwa anda ingin produk yang berkualitas yang selalu meningkat nilainya. Dalam membangun project-project kami, anda selalu ada dalam benak kami dan kami menganggap anda sebagai partner jangka panjang.

Untuk kontraktor dan supplier kami, kami mengerti bahwa anda harus yakin dengan kami sebelum kita dapat bekerja sama dalam satu tim. Dengan portfolio pengalaman project kami yang luas dan pekerjaan kontraktor yang pernah kami lakukan, anda dapat yakin bahwa partnership kita adalah untuk jangka panjang. Banyak investor dan customer kami yang sudah siap untuk mempercayakan investasi mereka kepada kami. Anda berada di tangan yang baik.

Terima kasih.

Marcellus Chandra, President Director


  • Young young age and young spirit.
  • Original full of IDEA for forward.
  • Profesional we work with hard and smart.
  • Trustworthy we have a present for trust

Our Precious Project

Prioritas Land Indonesia is a progressive and energetic property development company. Established in 2011, we focus on giving maximal return of investment to our investors and customers by developing unique and high return projects.

Meet Our Team

We are constantly searching for prospective vacant land to develop. If you're a land owner who's thinking to sell your land or perhaps partnering with us in developing your property

Marcellus Chandra

President Director

Marcellus Chandra is a cofounder of Prioritas Land Indonesia. After graduating in 2002 from University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia with double degree (Civil Engineering and Computer Science), he then worked for one of the largest construction company in Australia (Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd) and was involved in a major warehouse reconstruction project worth AUD $20 Million. In 2003 he founded a software development company that develops an integrated information system of the largest supplier of generic medicines in Australia,
Alphapharm Pty Ltd.

In 2005 he setup and managed a sales distribution network for NuSkin and Pharmanex, a US publicly-listed company (New York Stock Exchange) with annual sales of US $1,3 Billion. He built a network of ±1500 distributors spanning over Australia, Singapore, US and Indonesia and he was heavily involved in the training & development of the sales team. In 2009-now, he's in charge of the marketing and business development of T.G.Hay, a design & build company of luxurious private houses ( His wealth of experience in sales and marketing was instrumental in the inception and growth of Prioritas Land. In 2010, he cofounded Prioritas Land Indonesia and launched a luxurious villa project in Bali with total revenue of over Rp 50 Billion.

Edward Widodo

Finance Director

Asiek Widodo graduated from University of Parahyangan majoring in Management. His 14 years of understanding and knowledge in the stock market industry and his experience of meticulously analysing more than 500 companies not only has enriched him financially, but also equipped him with sharp instincts on separating outstanding, prospective companies from the rest.

After carefully studying Prioritas Land and understanding its vision and mission, he joined Prioritas Land. Indonesian property sector stands the test of time, and his experience through the ups and downs of Indonesian economy provides wisdom and direction to the bright future of Prioritas Land.

Keep In Touch

If you are an investor who'd like to invest in ground floor opportunities, we will invite you to our pre-launching gathering events for new projects and you will have the opportunity as priority members to invest in our projects.

Visit Our Office

  • Adress: Ruko Paramount Blitz, Blok A no 20
  • Tangerang, Indonesia
  • Phone: +62 2950 6120 / 21
  • Fax: +62 21 5422 1043
  • Email:

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday - 9am to 2pm
  • Sunday - Closed
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