Key Management

Marcellus Chandra, President Director

Marcellus Chandra is a cofounder of Prioritas Land Indonesia. After graduating in 2002 from University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia with double degree (Civil Engineering and Computer Science), he then worked for one of the largest construction company in Australia (Hansen Yuncken Pty Ltd) and was involved in a major warehouse reconstruction project worth AUD $20 Million. In 2003 he founded a software development company that develops an integrated information system of the largest supplier of generic medicines in Australia, Alphapharm Pty Ltd.

In 2005 he setup and managed a sales distribution network for NuSkin and Pharmanex, a US publicly-listed company (New York Stock Exchange) with annual sales of US $1,3 Billion. He built a network of ±1500 distributors spanning over Australia, Singapore, US and Indonesia and he was heavily involved in the training & development of the sales team. In 2009-now, he's in charge of the marketing and business development of T.G.Hay, a design & build company of luxurious private houses ( His wealth of experience in sales and marketing was instrumental in the inception and growth of Prioritas Land.

In 2010, he cofounded Prioritas Land Indonesia and launched a luxurious villa project in Bali with total revenue of over Rp 50 Billion.


Victor Irawan, Commisioner

Victor Irawan is a cofounder of Prioritas Land Indonesia. After finishing his study in Surabaya, in 2000 he worked for a construction company PT Prima Krida Persada Jaya in East Kalimantan. The project was the construction of major infrastructure including bridges, government buildings, and inter-provincial roads. In 2006 he resided back to Surabaya and started his own construction business.

In 2007 he was entrusted by the Indonesian Army Kodam V Brawijaya to undertake a major renovation project RTLH (Rehab Rumah Tidak Layak Huni) for 10.000 houses spread out in a number of districts and sub-districts in Eastern Java. With a total project of Rp 500 Billion, he and his team completed the project in 90 days. This accomplishment earned him a recognition "The Best and Fastest Project Completed" by the Governor of Eastern Java.

In 2010, he cofounded Prioritas Land Indonesia and launched a luxurious villa project in Bali with total revenue of over Rp 50 Billion.


Asiek Widodo, Financial Director

Asiek Widodo graduated from University of Parahyangan majoring in Management. He founded a trading company that traded ceramic raw material company. In 1998 after monetary crisis, he focused on trading stocks in Jakarta Stock Exchange.

His 14 years of understanding and knowledge in the stock market industry and his experience of meticulously analysing more than 500 companies not only has enriched him financially, but also equipped him with sharp instincts on separating outstanding, prospective companies from the rest. After carefully studying Prioritas Land and understanding its vision and mission, he joined Prioritas Land. Indonesian property sector stands the test of time, and his experience through the ups and downs of Indonesian economy provides wisdom and direction to the bright future of Prioritas Land.


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